Coronavirus update

Dear friends, makers, members of PrusaLab,

we would like to update you on the current status of PrusaLab, as well as outline the next few months. Due to the lingering problems connected to the coronavirus epidemic, we are still looking for proper means of opening up our makerspace. Thus, the re-opening planned for September is unfortunately postponed.

Naturally, you may ask — when will PrusaLab be open again? We cannot state a specific date. Being physically connected to Prusa Research is, in this case, a liability, as a risk of disrupting the ongoing production persists.

We are truly sorry. PrusaLab’s second birthday party and a lot of new upgrades to our equipment will simply have to wait a little longer. However, we are definitely not just going to wait around and do nothing until then.

We want to delve more into online workshops — you can catch our first livestream on September 23rd, where we will look into beginner modeling with TinkerCAD (in Czech). The whole recording will be available on our YouTube channel afterward.

We plan on keeping our machines busy as well. PrusaLab is pivoting towards product prototyping for the moment, so we are happy to help you with any part of the product development process, from the first sketch to its final iteration. Feel free to hit us up with any challenge you might have!

There may not be many options to see our creations live this year, but they are definitely worth it. For this year’s Signal Festival, we are working on an installation called ‘Živý les’, which will be displayed in Prague 7’s Stromovka park from October 15th to October 18th. Furthermore, if you’re reminiscing about last year’s exhibition ‘Reflexe’, do not fret! You can catch it live at Constellations de Metz, a digital art festival in Metz, France.

Finally, we are, of course, aware that what makes our makerspace the best makerspace is our community. That is why we are planning an open call for interesting projects of all kinds — do you have an idea, a project or even a startup that could make use of our technologies and experience? Let’s make it happen! More information coming soon.

We apologize for the inconvenience caused by the suspended membership and we hope to remain in your favor despite these difficult times,

the PrusaLab team ❤

Posted on 26. 08. 2020 in Uncategorized

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