We offer money, top-notch prototyping technologies, and know-how.

Why accelerate with PrusaLab?

With Prusa Research as our main partner, we started a unique accelerator program focused on hardware prototyping and innovative product development in 2020. We provide startups with unlimited access to a hi-tech workshop, technology consulting, and financial support worth hundreds of thousands of Czech crowns with the opportunity to apply for further investment after successful completion of the development run.
500 000 Kč
for materials, development and team compensation
26 experts
regarding product development, business management, patent protection, and more

What do we expect from your project?

Commercial & scalable hardware
We’ll produce or improve the physical product, test, iterate, and upgrade it so that it is suitable for mass production or seed investment.
Proof of concept
We don’t expect meticulously prepared technical documentation, but proof that the project can be practically implemented.
Development moved to PrusaLab
Working closely with our product development experts is key. This setup allows us to take full advantage of our agile approach and state-of-the-art workshop facilities.
Intensive team involvement
We require sufficient time invested from the founders of the project, at least three working days a week. To facilitate this, we offer individual financial compensation.

What does the acceleration process look like?

It all begins with a detailed application form (deadline is every 4 months).
A month to get a feel for each other and work out how we’ll work together.
The core of the program, during which we develop your product together.
Demo Day
The culmination of the development run. Presentation of the project to investors.


The PrusaLab hardware accelerator application has two parts:
the application form should clearly and concisely present the project’s purpose;
the pitch (presentation in .pdf format), which you insert in the same form, should then serve as a separate carrier of information on the basis of which we will assess the project. For inspiration, here’s the pitch of Posedla, one of the previous accelerated projects.

Akcelerátor přihlášky (zima 2023)

Akcelerátor přihlášky (zima 2023)

Informace o projektu

Maximum file size: 146.8MB

Maximum file size: 146.8MB

Souhlasíte s přestěhováním vývoje projektu po dobu akcelerace do PrusaLabu (vizte Podmínky)?

Accelerated projects

Smart tags for cattle. They protect, and monitor health and location.
Last Miles
Foldable roller skates that fit into any backpack or bag.
Innovative linear light projection system for shops and warehouses.
A cycling brand that develops a 3D printed saddle tailored to the customer’s butt.
Vanilla Robotics
An autonomous robotic platform that delivers packages and transports people.
Audire Fluctus 2.0
Kinetic “mirror” using magnetic fluid.

Accelerator partners