The third edition of the PrusaLab Hardware Accelerator has a winner! IRMA is a smart design handbag with a revolutionary combination of elegance and security.

IRMA is a stylish, minimalist handbag by design, but that’s not what makes it so unique. Its creators work with the vision that it should not only look good and be practical, but also help to protect its owner. The symbiosis of technology, design and utility was exactly why we chose this project for further acceleration.


What else has it got?

In developing IRMA, its creators worked with a psychology expert, focusing on the area of self-defence, particularly conflict prevention. The result is an innovative and easy-to-use system of security features that has the potential to give the owner peace of mind on her journey home.


The look you want

Thanks to 3D printing, personalisation will also be possible. You’ll be able to choose from a variety of shells that are easily interchangeable, giving your handbag a completely new look. The originality of each collection will be enhanced by planned collaborations with artists from various disciplines. They will contribute limited editions of shells that will be works of art in themselves.

Acceleration begins

IRMA has the potential to change the way we perceive and use handbags. We are delighted to be supporting such an innovative project through our Accelerator programme and to be part of this breakthrough. Stay tuned for more details on the progress of the IRMA Accelerator project.

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