Expo 2020 Dubai

Mirror installation Fluidum showcased the ingenuity of Czech art at Expo 2020 in Dubai

This kinetic sculpture composed of 85 robotically controlled mirrors represents a vertical water surface. Arranged in a geometric pattern, the mirrors hypnotically ripple, morph and transform the viewer's reflection and thoughts.

Czech pavilion,
Expo 2020 Dubai
Build time
16 weeks

The work is a sequel to the successful 2019 installation Reflexion, which Petr Vacek created in collaboration with Adam Cigler for the Prague Signal Festival, and which is now touring audiovisual art festivals around the world. The Fluidum sculpture, however, was created specifically for the World Expo. Compared to Reflexion, it opens up a third dimension of mirror movement and pushes the boundaries of the viewer’s experience to a more intimate level. 

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