PrusaLab 2023 Summary: Behind the scenes of incredible projects

Last year was literally a kaleidoscope of diverse projects for us, ranging from commercial commissions, major art installations, a start-up accelerator programme and other educational activities, to several philanthropic projects.

See what we created last year and why PrusaLab is never boring.

Educational activities and mentoring

is one of the most important areas of our work. As part of our development programme for hardware startups – PrusaLab Hardware Accelerator – we have been (and still are) working on the project of the winner of the last round. You can look forward to its presentation this year, but only after the prototype has been fully fine-tuned.

At the Maker Faire in Prague and Brno, our Accelerator programme was available for anyone interested in trying out this process in a short and fun way. The Accelerator mock test was primarily designed to entertain and inspire, but participants received real feedback on their ideas and their commercial potential.

We have also helped our members to realise projects, such as Jakub Tajovský, a promoter of robot painting.

We also hosted three Meet the Makers, an evening full of interesting guests from technology start-ups, the arts, and science, research and education.

Our public workshops focused not only on 3D printing, but also on the basics of the entire prototyping process.

And we also helped train our colleagues in two in-house robotics basics workshops, where they built and programmed a robot to paint Easter eggs.

We enjoy art

and challenging projects. We have created several art installations that not only enchant, but also prove that technology can be beautiful.

One such example was the Nexus installation, which premiered at the Signal Festival. It was the winner of the joint Signal Calling challenge that we organised for the umpteenth time with the festival’s programme committee. 

The first winner of this challenge in 2019 was the kinetic sculpture Reflection. Since its premiere at Signal, it has been presented at several other events, this time at the Swiss multi-genre festival Zauberpark at Zurich Airport

The third very interesting project was the production of a Kymatic installation for Orlen Unipetrol, which resonated through their zone at the KVIFF film festival in Karlovy Vary and then at the Colours of Ostrava music festival.

You can make anything

And our already diverse portfolio of bespoke work has become a little more colourful. We have helped print segments of Ruderal modular design furniture, produced a life-size giraffe skeleton, a replica of a space probe, a special training aid for eye surgery, a commemorative cup for footballer Peter Olayinka, a silicone mould for casting giant ice cubes to cool beer kegs and many other interesting things.

Giving back

is the core value of PrusaLab and the entire Josef Průša group of companies. In addition to sharing know-how with the maker community, we are also dedicated to helping disadvantaged people (and now even to animals as well). We fulfilled the wish of a severely physically handicapped boy to own and use a 3D printer, Jeff the golden retriever’s injured leg was strengthened with a custom-made brace, and we created a set of haptic models for the blind for several children’s books based on their illustrations.

Looking back, we were a bit surprised at what we managed to achieve last year. But we have no plans to slow down this year, so make sure you sign up for our newsletter and follow us on LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube so you don’t miss out on any interesting projects we’re working on.

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