Signal Festival

Interactive crowdfunding installation supports tree planting and restoration of Czech forests

The Living Forest was created in collaboration with Signal Festival and architect Kateřina Blahutová.

Signal Festival,
Kateřina Blahutová
Build time
20 weeks

An interactive installation that comes to life thanks to its visitors. When “dead”, it confronts those present with current ecological problems concerning forests in the Czech Republic. However, it also offers a solution – visitors can breathe life into the installation with a small donation and at the same time contribute to reforestation and new planting of suitable trees in the Czech Republic.

The Living Forest is the result of the Signal Calling open call for 2020, which we organised together with the Signal Festival – an expert jury chose architect and artist Kateřina Blahutová as the winner. However, due to the coronavirus pandemic, the installation did not premiere until a year later – in 2021, it was installed in Prague’s Stromovka park, where nearly CZK 64,000 was raised through donations from visitors. This money was then donated to the Sázíme stromy organization (“We Plant Trees”), which subsequently used it to plant a new fruit alley near the Czech town of Řevnice.

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