Signal Festival

A mirror reflection as never seen before. Festival-goers were awed by Reflexion

The installation is the result of the Signal Calling open call, a yearly cooperation with Signal Festival. The winners, architects Adam Cigler and Petr Vacek, were provided with space, equipment and the help of our masters in completing their installation. After half a year of intensive work, the installation successfully debuted at the Signal Festival itself.

Signal Festival,
Petr Vacek,
Adam Cigler
Build time
20 weeks

The object consists of dozens of moving and independent mirrors. Each of them is controlled by two servo motors, which allows the mirror surface to be rotated in any direction. The supporting frame of a single mirror and the motors is made with 3D printing and, together with the mirror, forms one movable module. Five modules attached to a CNC-cut plywood panel are connected to a common servo assembly, forming a separate “cluster” that receives instructions from a RaspberryPi control microcomputer. The entire installation consists of eighteen clusters controlled by six interconnected microcomputers.

The control software is tailor-made and allows us to synchronise music and stage lighting in addition to the movements of individual mirrors. Next to unique site-specific animations compiled from the 3D environment, the mirror wall can also be brought to life using a remote control with accelerometers. The reflection in the mirrors is constantly shifting and transforming, drawing the observer into a unique audiovisual experience with its hypnotic transformation.

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