3D printing

Experimental 3D printer on a robotic arm can recycle different types of plastic waste

A modified UR-10 cobot from Universal Robots, enhanced with a custom-designed extruder. This is an experimental project exploring the viability of recycled materials.

Prusa Research
3D printing
Build time
2021 - ongoing

“Large format” represents an intersection between two different fields in which there is constant innovation — recycling and 3D printing.

The combination of a sustainable approach and a novel additive manufacturing method seemed like the obvious choice, so we set out to explore possible solutions. One of these solutions is our Universal Robots UR-10 cobot upgraded with a custom-designed extruder. This machine is able to turn old shredded 3D prints and PET bottles, or filament that didn’t pass quality control, into new products. We aim for the project to become viable as a part of a recycling line.

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