EggBot: When Easter eggs are dyed by a robot

Just before Easter, our colleagues built robots for dyeing eggs. This was part of an internal workshop. We certainly have no ambitions to modernise our old customs and traditions. We added the Spring Festival theme to the basic robotics workshop to make it lighter and more attractive.

Workshop content

Participants in the two sessions of the workshop were able to try out different technologies to make robot parts, then assemble, animate, program and finally modify the eggs to make them as varied as possible.

What to do with him next?

A pleasant surprise came after the workshop when we were thinking about how to use the 10 robots. One of our colleagues had the idea of repeating the event at the Montessori primary school “Andílek”, where he teaches computer technology. And since this is an institution that normally follows the motto “school through play”, it was no problem to sneak the workshop into the curriculum.

Both our colleagues and the students enjoyed the event and appreciated the practical application of robotics principles to a real project. And as a bonus, they took home originally decorated eggs.

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