About us

PrusaLab is an open workshop under the wings of Josef Průša and Prusa Research. It is a place where makers, do-it-yourselfers, students of architecture, design, smaller entrepreneurs and others can thrive and make their dreams reality.

Thanks to the size and variety of equipment, PrusaLab is one of the largest open workshops in the Czech Republic. We have more than 350 m² of space available. Our love for DIY started with 3D printers, but you will also find a laser, a manual workshop, CNC machines, an electric lab and more in our makerspace. Furthermore, because of our experience, we are able to share our knowledge and cultivate the Czech maker community.

PrusaLab first opened on June 6, 2018, and has been steadily growing ever since. The reason behind the opening was simple: Josef Průša wanted to provide an accessible environment where makers could simply MAKE stuff without any entry barriers.

Before the coronavirus forced us to temporarily close the makerspace to the public, we regularly held creative workshops and full-fledged trainings.

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How PrusaLab came about

A quick tour of PrusaLab by 3D Printing Nerd

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