PrusaLab is a hi-tech prototyping space under the wings of Josef Průša and Prusa Research. We cultivate a place where makers, DIYers, architecture students, small entrepreneurs and many more can create to the best of their abilities. We share our knowledge and experience and cultivate the Czech maker community.

Thanks to the amount and variety of equipment, PrusaLab is one of the largest shared workshops in the Czech Republic. We have more than 350 m² of space at our disposal. Our love for DIY started with 3D printers, but in our makerspace you will also find a laser, a manual workshop, CNC machines, an electrolab, and more.

PrusaLab’s history

PrusaLab first opened as a makerspace on June 6, 2018. The reason for its establishment? Josef Průša wanted to provide a quality environment for the maker community he himself came from. Nearly two years of continuous operation followed, and by the end, our membership even exceeded the magic number of 100.

When the coronavirus pandemic hit, the workshop underwent a transformation — unfortunately, we had to close our door to the public, and we switched to custom production and started offering prototyping services. At the same time, we launched an accelerator program that helps selected projects develop a hardware product throughout an intensive six-month development run.

The positive experience with the accelerator has prompted us to launch a new, exclusive membership at the end of 2021.


Ondřej Kašpárek / head manager
+420 737 826 109


Partyzánská 188, 170 00 Praha 7-Holešovice